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One Day More

One Day More is a touching adventure game about Hannah who’s trying to follow her heart. But the journey to the dream is full of risks!

About Game

Hannah wants to be a musician but parents do not support her. Today she has a chance to change their minds so let's go on this exciting journey! Help Hannah to find her friends in the city and convince them to perform in the music competition. Explore the city, solve the puzzles and prove to everybody that it's worthit to follow your dreams. But be careful - the path to the dream is full of adventures!

Solve the puzzles

Move objects and parts of locations

Ride on the ceiling

Tilt the world

Сollect secret achievements

Do good deeds 

Enjoy colorful locations

Learn the whole exciting story with Hannah’s friends

Find them in the city and you’ll know this story ends

Tilt the world!

Explore the world around Hannah as well as her inner world. Ride a skateboard and solve spatial puzzles using Hannah’s superpowers.